Yeah, I’m so exited about attending the software testing conference CAST 2016 in Vancouver. This is why:

  • AST’s program committee has put together promising keynotes and talks with lots of interesting titles like “Embedded Testers Aren’t Undercover Cops” or “Shifting the Testing Role Pendulum“. Let’s see what’s that all about.
  • The conference is not only about cool topics, but the organizers set special focus on discussing the contents and they foster communication among attendees.
  • I registered for a half day tutorial by James Bach on “What Catalyzes Testing? Testability!” As I already watched and liked so many videos of him talking about software testing (e.g. this, this and this), I’m exited to see him in live action.
  • Vancouver is a beautiful city! Last time I’ve been there I discovered many wonderful places in the city by bike. This time I plan to enjoy the surroundings on a motorbike.

For those of you who are not that lucky to be able to attend I recommend the live stream and video recordings. You will most probably find me writing a conference recap post in a few weeks.