My job

I am a Senior Software Engineer 2 and Quality Engineering Tech Lead. In that position my goal is to work with multiple teams on improving testability and test automation. I really like my job because I learn a lot when working with all these different kinds of software engineers (Dev, DevOps, QE, testers, …) as well as architects and managers. My focus is on large-scale testing server applications and I see a lot of different approaches and load / stress / performance test solutions because I can work in different projects, which is really a cool thing.

My employer


I’m working for Citrix GetGo which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citrix Systems, Inc. In 2016 Citrix and LogMeIn announced to spin off Citrix’s GoTo products into a new business entity, entitled GetGo, which would merge with LogMeIn in early 2017.

At Citrix GetGo we develop Software as a Service solutions for eCollaboration, remote support and remote desktop. I work on the online conferencing products and especially on testing the highly-scalable and efficient server platform underneath. GetGo has products for different online conferencing use cases: GoToMeeting supports audio, video and screensharing for meetings with up to 100 participants. GoToWebinar aims for large online meetings with up to 1000 participants. GoToTraining is the GetGo solution for interactive online trainings and seminars.

This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.