After finishing my computer science studies with a German diploma (about the same as Master), I stayed at the university for another four years and worked as a researcher at Computer Networks Group at Technische Universität Dresden. After working on a framework for developing mobile applications I switched to a cooperation project with Citrix about a large-scale testing platform enabling combined network, functional and load tests. During my time at the university, I did my PhD, published some papers, advised students with their theses and gave lectures on multi media communications.


In 2015 I got my PhD for my work on using “Network Emulation for Large-Scale Tests of IP-based Audio / Video Communication Systems”. A year later I won the innovation price of industry club of saxony and TU Dresden for applying the thesis’ results in an industry context.



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Advised student theses

During my time at the university, I advised the following student theses.

On software testing:

  • Load Generation with the XETA Tool for Automated Functional Testing (diploma thesis, 2015)
  • Concept for telemetry-based error tracking in large SaaS systems (diploma thesis, 2014)
  • An Evaluation Framework for Optimizing Jitter Reduction Mechanisms in Live Audio Transmissions (diploma thesis, 2014)
  • Concepts for a Load Test Scenario of Distributed Video Distribution Platforms (diploma thesis, 2014)
  • Test Concepts for IP-based Real-time Communication Systems (master thesis, 2014)
  • Tests of Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Continuous Integration (master thesis, 2013)

On computer networks:

  • Accuracy and Performance Analysis of Network Emulators (diploma thesis, 2014)
  • Integrated Measurement of Network Parameters (student thesis, 2013)
  • Emulation of Advanced Network Parameters and Effects (diploma thesis, 2012)
  • Comparing Possibilities to Perform Network Emulation (student thesis, 2012)

On audio / video coding:

  • Data Acquisition for Ad hoc Acoustic Sensor Networks (student thesis, 2015)
  • Optimizing a Video Transcoder Framework (student thesis, 2014)
  • Scalable Video Coding for H.264 (master thesis, 2014)
  • Mobile devices acting as wireless webcam (student thesis, 2014)

On mobile development:

  • Automated Testing of Mobile Apps under Consideration of Network Behavior  (diploma thesis, 2014)
  • Communication Protocols for Service Environments in Mobile Android Apps (diploma thesis, 2012)

On user interfaces:

  • Real-time Visualization of large Datasets (master thesis, 2014)