I’m married and have three wonderful daughters. Family is very important to me and I spend almost all my spare time with them. I also enjoy traveling and discovering new places a lot.

Although I rarely use those social media channels, you can find me on LinkedIn, XING, Facebook Twitter and ResearchGate.

This blog

The first blog post called “Why this blog?” talks about what you can expect to read here and why I’m writing it.

The name of this blog is based on a strange plant I got as a birthday present from my sister. I suppose she meant well when she gave me that thing looking like an Aloe vera plant but with blue tops. Only three days later my wife couldn’t resist throwing it away because she found it so ugly. After grabbing the poor plant from the trash, I took it to the only safe place left: my office. Since then it accompanies me while developing and testing and I often find me answering my colleagues’ questions like What’s that?! Is that real? What did you do to make those tops blue?