Google Test Automation Conference 2016 takes place in Sunnyvale, California, USA next Tuesday and Wednesday (November 15-16).

When attending the 2015 edition in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA) people told me that there will be no GTAC in autumn 2016 but in early 2017. Evidently, Google decided to stick to the yearly schedule afterwards. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that last change in plans and therefore I missed the registration deadline.

Too bad because the schedule looks pretty good. These are the talks I find most promising by just looking at the title:

  • Using test run automation statistics to predict which tests to run
  • Automating Telepresence Robot Driving
  • Need for Speed – Accelerate Automation Tests From 3 Hours to 3 Minutes
  • Docker Based Geo Dispersed Test Farm
  • How I learned to crash test a server

Let’s see what that’s all about. Also, I’m excited because two of my colleagues got their talk proposal accepted. Dan and Alex will talk about automating audio quality tests: “Can you hear me?” – Surviving Audio Quality Testing. Don’t miss that one. I already know it’s cool stuff because they let me watch the rehearsal.

The good thing is that there will be a live stream of the whole event and recordings of each session afterwards. Nine hours time difference will make it hard for me to follow the whole event live. I’ll provide my personal view on best of GTAC 2016 here in a few weeks.